Cellulite Women

Cellulite: we ALL have it

If you’re not:

A) A woman or,
B) A human being

then you might not have cellulite.

But, chances are, you are both, therefor rending you with some amount of dimple or ripple.  Some of us have more than others.

Diet, genetics, and level of activity all play a part in the amount.

For myself, I’m extremely active.

  • I work out 6 days a week
  • I eat clean
  • I haven’t drank or done drugs in 7 years
  • I take probiotics and a lot of other supplements
  • I drink pure aloe vera juice every morning (even on an empty stomach)
  • I sleep 7 hours on average a night
  • And I more or less love my life.

However, I still find that I have a fair amount of cellulite on the back of my legs.

I know that a majority of it, in my personal situation, is genetic.  I also know that I create a lot of self perceived stress, and stress is the root of all evil in my life lol.  I also know that I take too many stimulants, and have jacked up my central nervous system over the past several years.

I write this to remind you that a lot of us forget the simple fact, that most women have cellulite.

Primarily due to the fact that most of us are not brave enough to post pictures of our ‘realness’ because we’ve been programmed to see it as repulsive, unsightly, and unattractive.

So what most of us see, are images of ‘perfectness’ from every other female, besides ourselves.

For example, here is a photo of me in the bathroom, from the side.  Looks pretty amazing right? (lol) <little too much side boob, sorry. get over it->

But from the back with different lighting, it’s a completely different story, isn’t it?

These particular pictures were taken in August, 2015.

For me to get from the above photo, to the below photo, took a lot of ridiculous, hard work.  Work that no one should ever have to do (aka, compete in a physique show lol).

I’m talking 45 minutes of fasted cardio every day, strict dieting, and aggressive weight training 5 days a week, for 4 months continuously.

Point being, this didn’t last long.

After a few months, the normal cellulite came back, despite the fact that I’m still, to this day, doing everything that I mentioned in the first paragraph.

So….. sometimes, this can mess with my head because I merely forget that:

A) I’m a woman, and
B) I’m a human being.

Consider this your friendly service announcement.