A quick technique to building self esteem

Why do we find it difficult sometimes to be happy every day?

It's not because there's something wrong with you.  Life is hard sometimes.

Adulting is hard work yo.

...And we're not taught how to deal with hard times.

...And happiness can be hard to find on a daily basis.  

I promise you - you're not fucked up!!

We grow up creating negative beliefs about ourselves all the time.

In fact, the first 7 years are critical in developing our belief systems.

The real messed up thing is that we’re not even aware of these beliefs most of the time!

A lot of us talk about the messed up things we’ve been through (especially as women).

So here's a quick and simple technique that will do massive things for your self esteem.

Give it a go and leave me a message below to tell me how you felt afterwards.

Love KO

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