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Training rear delts

My rear delts are slack! Let’s face it – no one likes to train rear delts. Reason being is you can’t see them! Plus, they kill your ego. Training them requires lifting WAY lighter weights. And no one wants to dick around with 3 kilo dumbbells, do they! But it’s imperative that we train them.…

Life Lesson

Why the hell is she crying?!

Isn’t that the fkn cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?! This young woman started having a little cry when she realised I was ‘the watermelon grrrl’! The videos she’s seen, I obviously had hair lol. So when we got to small talking while paying for my husbands shirts, it came up, and the…

Life Lesson

We all have a choice

This happened last year and I want to share it again because it’s an important life lesson….. So we were stopped, getting ready to turn across the road, and some bloke on his scooter bashed into the side of our car. The challenge with that is, when you live in Thailand, if you’re white, no…

Life Lesson

You should be getting paid for being charismatic

I’ve met a lot of other charismatic people in my life. The funny thing is – a lot of them had no idea that it was an actual skill. Yep, being charismatic is a skill. We’ve all got skills, right?  Talents, gifts, strengths that we were born with, that make up our personality and guide us…

Life Lesson Parenting Women


I’ve talked about this before.  But apparently I need to write about it again. Probably because I spent so many years of my life in the dark in regards to HOW powerful language and spoken word can be, especially on a subconscious level. Come to think of it, I believe the last time I wrote about this…

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A ticking time bomb

Ladies and Gentlemen…. I present to you….. a ticking time bomb. I don’t have the patience, nor heart to write this blog right now.  But I’ve got to get this out. My hope is that every parent, every sibling who has a younger sister (or brother for that fact – boys are just as high…