Adversity Depression Health Life Lesson

My 7 steps to attacking depression

As I said in my last blog, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, and battled with it on and off for nearly a decade. What I have trouble accepting is, that medication is needed and that my brain chemistry was “different” to a ‘normal’, non-depressed person. I believe that depression is natural, and that we all experience…

Adversity Depression Health Life Lesson

The number 1 source of my depression

I’ve been diagnosed with depression, and battled with it on and off for nearly a decade. In my experience throughout my life, I’ve found the number one source of my depression has come from this… Feeling like I didn’t know what my purpose was. Of course other things have fed into my depression: being a full-blown drug…

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Why I regret my boob job

I never thought I’d be writing a blog about this, but someone asked me about it when I was on IG live the other day, so I thought it was time. So peep game…. When I started body building, I went by the alias “all natural KO”. No gear (steroids) and no fake titties.  Was…


Do you have kids, or work with kids?

So check this out… HERE’S HOW TO BE AN AMAZING YOUTH MENTOR. You may or may not know, that I am a self-proclaimed “teen whisperer”. That’s right, instead of taming wild horses, I tame teens. Primarily 13-18 year olds is my speciality. All it takes is one talk with me, and in less than an…

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Apply this principle to anything and everything for results

Let me tell you a little story about network marketing… Although upon quitting the industry in 2014 I absolutely hated it, I’ve come to appreciate it now that I’m not “in it”. When I found the company, I got ‘roped’ into it by a no longer close friend.  I’d dabbled in one previous networking company,…

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My sprint routine

Cardio Is Hardio. HIIT vs Going The Distance. Let’s face it – for most of us, cardio sucks. However, with the right mentality and right music, the shit’s not so bad. There must be something to long distance running, afterall.  I mean, why else would all these people be doing these ridiculously long marathons and…