My plyometric routine

Hey fam,

It’s your fearless leader reporting for duty.

I am up to my tits working on getting our crowdfunding campaign rolling. Have you seen it?

You may or may not have known that I’m also the MFCEO of a revolutionary clothing line called GRRRL. We exist to create global change. Click the “read our story” button to see what I’m talking about. But in writing this, one of the perks is picking up my plyometric routine.

You see, strength training is GREAT. Like EVERYONE needs it. BUT...

One thing we often neglect is athletic training. If you watch the video, we’re working on agility, coordination and a bunch of other stuff like explosiveness.

When you work your hands and feet together, it puts you in a whole brain state! Athletics require footwork.

Plyometrics is a form of using your own body weight to work with gravity to JUMP!

If you imagine a 3, 4 or 7 year old running around - they don’t get tired. Like EVER. It’s amazing. They don’t wake up the next day and say OHHHHH I’m SO sore!

In my experience it’s best to cross train and do as many different types of training as possible.

Normally you’d find all my workout programs right here, but for the sake of getting this revolutionary clothing line to the next level, I need you to get your ass onto the campaign and make some shit happen. I might point out there is an awesome magnet of Trump you might really enjoy as well 😼

Love to you - and remember. Just keep showing up. Thank you so much for your support and we’ll see you on the other side xo

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