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As some of you are probably aware (because I can’t keep talking about it in stories on IG!), I’ve been watching WAY too much Forensic Files.  Long story short, I’ve become acutely aware that I need to be WAY more careful in regards to violent men out there wanting to harm women.  Out of 100 episodes, I’ve seen 2 that have had a violent crime involving a woman.  All the other 97 have been men stalking women and committing some HIDEOUS acts of violence.  I can’t even. . .

Before I sign off and go back to work at 9:17pm, I wanted to encourage you all to look up sex offenders in your immediate area.  Most states have a registry that allows you to easily see who is in your area and why they made the list.  Several of the episodes I watched involved children being murdered so take action, and know your neighbours.

The point is not to be paranoid, but to get/stay awake.  Be switched on, and always be aware of your surroundings.  Walking around as a hard target by looking everyone in the eyes, keeping your hands out of your pockets, chest up, and simply putting off the energy that you will FUCK someone up should they choose to try and mess with you.  There are so many points to cover in self defense, but most of it is prevention-based.

Also, NEVER EVER get taken to a second location.  You are better off flipping your inner crazy warrior bitch switch, and dying in the street if you have to.  Statistically if you get taken to a second location, your odd of surviving plummet.

Stay alert, train hard, and take action.  Always make sure you know the consequences if you choose to share your location on social media in the event you have a stalker, and if I end up getting taken out by some sick psycho, you all better RISE THE FUCK UP on my behalf!

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Kortney Olson is a visionary powerhouse who is making her mark to create a world where women are free from all forms of self-harm. Kortney is the Originator of the not-for-profit organisation, Kamp Konfidence, which is a prevention-based wellness experience for teenage girls aged 14-17 that has taken the country of Australia by storm. The Kamp Konfidence team are on a mission to teach the habits, principles and lessons that aid the development of self love, all in a non-judgemental, fun and friendly environment.

Kortney is the first and reigning Australian Women’s arm wrestling champion, Queensland state Brazilian jiu jitsu champion, 4 time international bodybuilding competitor, author, TV personality, certified personal trainer, and Olympic lifting and cross fit coach. Kortney is here to raise the bar-bell in gender equality.

Kortney’s proudest accomplishment is being crowned as “The woman with the world’s deadliest thighs” by Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics, after she appeared on an episode of Superhumans where she demonstrated her leg strength by smashing watermelons between her thighs, exerting 3 times the crush force of a reticulated python, and knocking out a professional MMA fighter.

“I have this unshakeable belief that if the female energy isn’t united, lifted up and emancipated globally, our chances of survival as a human race are slim to none. How can we focus on be our best when we’re busy fearing we look our worst?”

Kortney loves dogs, plays golf, and likes to leave the toilet seat up after using the men’s restroom. She’s also certified as a Laughter Yoga instructor and a Psych-K Facilitator, with the aim to empower and inspire people to seek natural wellness.