Let's talk about Sexting

Listen up.

I had a chat last week with one of my most favourite teenage girls in the world.

Her parents have become good friends of mine. 

She was taking photos and sending them to boys.

The conversation I had with her is something I want to share with you - and for all teenage girls.

As teens I know you get confused with what 'role models' put out there on social media.

But please, don't put yourself out there as an object, for guys pleasure.

You're a woman of worth!

Like Mohamed Ali said to his daughters - everything that is worth while, everything that has value, is extremely difficult to get.  If you want a diamond, you gotta dig deep into the earth, it's protected by hard rock, it's not easy to get.

I know it's human nature to want to flirt and impress boys.

But the difference between when I was in school and now, is technology. I've made mistakes.

Life changes, life evolves. You don't know what you're going to do in the future, and how what you put online is going to affect your future.  

You're going to show your tits so a guy can go have a wank?  Fuck that! 

Watch this and share it with the teenage girls you know.

Love KO 

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