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I’m back to writing bissssssch!  At least ‘just for today’, lol.

Before I get right to it, I’ll give you a brief update as to where I am and wtf I’m doing.

Currently I’m in Singapore, writing you on Sunday morning.  Last Wednesday, I was waking up in my bed in Las Vegas, NV.  The American Embassy had emailed my Husband overnight to inform him that he had an appointment for his immigration interview.  Until he had his health check, they couldn’t disclose when the appointment was.  The next piece of information we took in whilst sipping our cup o’ joe was that Singapore had announced that anyone arriving after midnight Friday night, would need to do 2 weeks of self quarantine, meaning that we would need to stay here an additional 2 weeks.  If you’ve never been to Singapore, you’d know this wasn’t an ideal situation.

Singapore is expensive af and not to mention humid af.  I still can’t believe we lived here for 2 years without killing each other.  I digress…

After much back and forth, we decided to take the plunge and book a trip.  We’ve applied for a partner visa almost 2 years ago and didn’t want to risk missing the appointment for the second time.  The first appointment news came mid Feb when Singapore had soaring cases of the Corona Virus and we were vag deep in final plans of executing our 9 months of detailed planning to attend the Arnold Classic Sports Festival as an exhibitor for GRRRL Clothing.  Which if you follow me regularly, would know got cancelled an hour after landing in Columbus, Ohio.

After 17 hours of traveling with a bunch of people from Asia wearing biohazard suits and ski goggles, we boarded our last flight from Hong Kong to Singapore, not knowing we were about to get an email stating that the Embassy was cancelling all appointments until further notice.


Long story short, times like this are opportunities for me to practice ‘letting go and letting God’, whoever that may be.

Now back to subconscious beliefs…

My second to last post on IG gets right into it:

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I’ve been obsessed with being strong and muscular since I was 7. I always thought it was due to being a tomboy and idolizing my old brother. But when I did my first subconscious psychology session with Tony, I discovered the truth. Turns out my childhood best friend’s old brother took me off into the woods and touched me in some inappropriate places. It was apparently the first time I disconnected from my intuition and ignored her (my higher self). After the violation, I evidently created a vision of myself being ripped up and strong for protection. What floored me, was the simple fact that I had completely blocked this out of my mind. The number of us who’ve been prayed upon by an older person growing up, is staggering. I don’t understand pedophilia. But when you’ve got nothing left but to look for positives, I’m grateful for the situation because it sparked me to be a fucking beast. The entire story takes a full chapter in my book because learning how powerful the human mind is was key in helping me understand why I’m so fkn nuts. ??????????? #trauma #recovery #victor #beastmode #jacked #yourheadherehomeboy #grateful #winning #legslikekortney #mentalhealthawareness

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As I mentioned, my book has an entire chapter devoted to this topic and experience.  Now, whether or not my ghost writer Ariane Conrad
keeps it in the story or not is another story (pun totally intended bitch!).  Nonetheless, you’ll get the full story eventually, but in the meantime, I want you to know that there are many ways to access your subconscious mind.

I’ll write a brief list below and vow to cover each topic in our closed Facebook group for members.

  1. Subconscious Psychology.
  2. E.F.T. (aka Tapping)
  3. N.L.P. (aka Tony Robbin’s snake oil and sneaky sales people magic)
  4. Hypnotherapy
  5. Psych-K

Out of the 5 listed above, the only one I have not had great results in or a lot of experience, is hypnotherapy.  However, I personally know several people who have had incredible results using this method with skilled professionals.  The biggest thing I want you to take away from this blog is this:

Our mind is like a super computer.  It’s capable of processing millions and millions of pieces of information daily.  But just like a computer we’re used to using in our every day life, it requires programs to be installed and updated frequently. So all of your shitty subconscious beliefs that are holding you back, can be reprogrammed or updated, and new, powerful beliefs can be installed.

Beliefs control everything.  Period-

I’m getting ready to send out an email with the link to our secret member’s closed group where I’ll be going into great detail on this topic in our first live video.

Stay safe out there, and remember this too shall pass!




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Kortney Olson is a visionary powerhouse who is making her mark to create a world where women are free from all forms of self-harm. Kortney is the Originator of the not-for-profit organisation, Kamp Konfidence, which is a prevention-based wellness experience for teenage girls aged 14-17 that has taken the country of Australia by storm. The Kamp Konfidence team are on a mission to teach the habits, principles and lessons that aid the development of self love, all in a non-judgemental, fun and friendly environment.

Kortney is the first and reigning Australian Women’s arm wrestling champion, Queensland state Brazilian jiu jitsu champion, 4 time international bodybuilding competitor, author, TV personality, certified personal trainer, and Olympic lifting and cross fit coach. Kortney is here to raise the bar-bell in gender equality.

Kortney’s proudest accomplishment is being crowned as “The woman with the world’s deadliest thighs” by Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics, after she appeared on an episode of Superhumans where she demonstrated her leg strength by smashing watermelons between her thighs, exerting 3 times the crush force of a reticulated python, and knocking out a professional MMA fighter.

“I have this unshakeable belief that if the female energy isn’t united, lifted up and emancipated globally, our chances of survival as a human race are slim to none. How can we focus on be our best when we’re busy fearing we look our worst?”

Kortney loves dogs, plays golf, and likes to leave the toilet seat up after using the men’s restroom. She’s also certified as a Laughter Yoga instructor and a Psych-K Facilitator, with the aim to empower and inspire people to seek natural wellness.

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