Here's what I deleted - and so should you

I used to say “ahhhh you can sleep when you’re dead”.

However, the times when I would say that was when I was smoking meth - so you know.... I seemed to have had a lot more time on my hands back then. Haha!

But now, with over 7 years clean, I’ve come to realise that time is incredibly valuable.

For example, when I learned TM (transcendental meditation) I was instructed that TM is to be practiced for 20 mins, 2 x’s a day.

I nearly shat my pants when I found that part out.

I was like, “you want me to take 40 mins out of my day to sit still? You must be smoking crack!”.

However, finding an extra 40 mins a day isn’t that hard when you sit down and map it out.

Sure it can be more of a challenge when you’re into fitness. You’ve got to factor in usually anywhere from an hour, to 2 hours out of your day depending on the type of fitness you do, as well as how far you have to travel to get there and back, on top of the time it takes to get ready, prepping food.

It does help to put all your shit together the night before (if you’re a morning person like I am).

I used to feel like there were never enough hours in the day.

That’s the problem when you’re a HIGHLY creative person.

However, this feeling magnified with the stupid ass Candy Crush app.

I used to get friend suggestions on facebook ALL the fkn time from friends wanting me to join them on this candy quest.

I would often shout at the screen, “fuck off with your stupid candy and leave me alone!”. It seemed like this went on for years.

But then, I somehow managed to start playing Candy Crush myself earlier this year.  I can't believe it took me this long to find this app!

Not long after - I discovered the different versions of this dumb game!

I think collectively I only spent about $15 when it was all said in done, in buying boosters and extending lives.

But there finally came a day where I realised how much time I was waisting on these games.

They’re worse than going to a casino, because there is no actual prize to win. At least when you go to a casino there is a tiny ass percentage chance that you might get your money back.

Long of the short - if you feel like you don’t have enough time in your day, start becoming acutely aware of how much time you waste watching TV (documentaries are totally acceptable - I’ve learned A LOT from docos), scrolling facebook, or playing stupid ass games.

I encourage you to go ahead and delete those apps, and instead open up kindle or iBooks on your phone and challenge yourself to start reading.

Let’s jointly decide that we want to be stronger physically, and mentally, by expanding our education and not letting the fucking matrix bring us down with mind numbing games and shows!


Love KO

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