I WISH I knew this about my mom...

There is so much for me to say, but not enough time to say it.  

When I was running Kamp Konfidence for teen girls, generally 50% of them were dealing directly with a parent who was an alcoholic and/or an addict.  

The impact this has on a young person’s life is devastating.  

The first step in breaking this cycle is EDUCATION.

Education about what the dis-ease of alcoholism and addiction is.  

Teaching people what I wish was taught to me as a young person.  

My mom was an alcoholic.

If someone had told me when I was growing up that my mom wasn't a bad person who needed to get good, but rather she was a sick person who needed to get well.  

If someone would have forewarned me that this is a progressive, fatal dis-ease and is said to be genetic and learned behaviour, then I probably would have avoided all of the mess I refer to as ‘my life’.  

Despite me not wanting to be anything like her growing up, I turned out to walk directly into her shoes without even realising what I was becoming.

Prevention is so much cheaper and more effective than a cure.  

And in fact there is no cure for alcoholism.  

But it can be arrested, and we do recover.  

A big part of my mission is to create more awareness around the effects of alcoholism/addiction, how much of an impact it has on the wellbeing of society, and the ripple effect it has outside the immediate home.

The crazy part about alcoholism/addiction is the level of denial.  

As addicts/alcoholics, we can justify everything.  

Our mentality is one of being a victim and we blame the outside world around us for all of our issues.  

Issues that are solved with another drink or a drug.  Which of course never seem to work…. yet we keep repeating the same mistake over, and over, and over and over……

AKA insanity.

Alanon is an amazing 12 step program for anyone that is struggling with the after effects, or immediate effects of an alcoholic or addict playing a negative role within their life.

I hope this video helps at least one person understand a little bit more about alcoholism/addiction.

The sound is downright crap, so best you put some headphones in.  I know my ADD ass couldn’t sit and watch something like this if I couldn’t hear it properly.

Love KO


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