If you want to know how to grow your legs, or you're tired of programs encouraging you to get a bikini body, or want to learn from Kortney's life experiences on self esteem and KOfidence, then you're in the right place.

Meet Our Team


Watermelon Crusher, Woman with the World's Deadliest Thighs, Female Advocate for Self KOnfidence, MFCEO of GRRRL Clothing.


"Kortney and I were first introduced through a work colleague via text.  Before we had even met in person, she was already making me laugh way too much (and still continues to happen to this day).

There is a lot more to Kortney than entertainment value though.  When she first started to tell me about her background I actually thought she was joking.  I had trouble at first believing that one person could come that far - but that's Kortney.  Her commitment, drive to do good, and her willingness to stand by her word really blew me away.

Now I'm lucky enough to call her one of my good friends.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better one too!"


"I first met Kortney when I started my #IamDF - I am Drug Free campaign.  I was blown away with her life story, honesty, and rawness.

Her messages around self confidence, and promoting messages to females to be proud of their body and not to chase the bikini model figure, inspired me inmensely.  She is exactly what we need in the world right now, to change the way women think of their bodies, and change the bikini model sterotype.

I'm honored to be working with such awesome people like Kortney and Marcus, and to be able to utilise my online skills with them to make a massive difference in the world."


Kortney's Personal Trainer and Thigh School KOach.


"I've worked with hundreds of coaches and trainers around the world, and have never come across one who has an undying thirst for obtaining more knowledge.

Every single time Marcus gets an extra spare dollar, he's enrolling himself into another course.  He's the most well-rounded, holistic thinking coach I've ever worked with.  Hence why I waited until I found the perfect person to put my name to."


Kortney introduced me to Marcus not long after I met Kortney.  We first worked on Kortney's 4 Week Mass Leg Program.  I was blown away with his expertise and knowledge.

Being an Olympian, I've worked with a lot of Strength & Conditioning Coaches.  But Marcus is one of a kind by having education and qualifications from a variety of different areas of specialities.  With his skills, it's no wonder he gets the results he does with our members.  Marcus is so humble, I'm just so glad that we've found him before someone else found him!"


Olympian now Nerd.  Website and Systems Designer, and Customer Support.


"Selina 'Scooby' Scoble is my other remarkable team member.  Scooby is the brains of our amazing operation.  I've never met someone with such organization and strategy skills.  She keeps us head of the curve, has a thirst for perfectionism and has a positive outlook in even the most stressful of times.  Skills I imagine she picked up from being an Olympian!"


"Selina and I first met via Kortney late last year.  Kortney had told me a lot about Selina prior to our meeting and I just hoped that the reality matched up to the expectations.

It did and then some.  Selina A.K.A. Mrs Dependable, is the glue that keeps our little operation together.  She some how finds a way to keep us brats inline and on task whilst still being a really good friend at the same time!  Not an easy task when Kortney and I are involved but she still finds a way to get everything done!

Our team is lucky to have two female super heroes!"

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