Kortney Olson knows what it始s like to drag yourself up from the bottom. After surviving a rape, an eating disorder, depression and drug and alcohol addiction
all before she was 21, Kortney knows how important it is to turn trauma, pain and despair into power, strength and confidence.

As part of Kortney始s mission to empower women (and men) across the world, Kortney founded Kamp Konfidence, a prevention-based wellness experience camp for teenage girls aged 14-17. Kamp Konfidence taught girls to look beyond the messages hammered into them by society and develop self-love in a non-
judgemental, fun and friendly environment.

Seeing a greater need out in the world, Kortney took the principles behind Kamp Konfidence and turned it into an international clothing line. GRRRL clothing
was the first clothing line to eschew traditional sizing, rather using the measurements of female athletes to guide women to the right fit. Under
Kortney始s inspirational leadership, GRRRL continues to grow and spread the message of radical self-acceptance聽and gender equality in the face of society始s shit, one GRRRL at a time.

Kortney is a powerhouse speaker that will have you hooked from the very first moment. Guided by her intense passion to see women deal with their issues and take their power back, Kortney gives a no-holds barred tour into her darkest days so every woman, no matter what her story, can see there is hope on the other side. Kortney is no textbook psychologist; she knows her stuff because she始s lived it.

Besides being an Australian Women始s arm wrestling champion, Queensland state Brazilian jiu jitsu champion, 3 time international bodybuilding competitor, best-selling author, TV personality, laughter yoga facilitator, Psych-K庐 master facilitator, certified personal trainer, olympic lifting, kettlebell and crossfit coach, Kortney is a self-appointed 鈥渢een whisperer鈥, often taking time from her busy schedule to speak personally to kids struggling through puberty, bullying and the challenge of growing up in today始s world.

Kortney isn始t just a figurehead, she gets down and dirty where it始s needed most.

If you think you始ve seen Kortney before, it始s probably because you始ve seen her smashing watermelons with her thighs on the Internet or TV or being described
as the "woman with the world's deadliest thighs" by Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics; a title she holds with pride.

From KO:

Since 2008 I've called myself a conspiracy theorist. I believe the best way to combat this "agenda", is to help individuals break free from all of the traps set by the system to keep us disconnected and聽stuck within limitations, helping people find and live the best version of themselves.聽 聽

鈥淚 have this unshakeable belief that if the female energy isn鈥檛 united, lifted up and emancipated globally, our chances of survival as a human race are slim to none. How can we focus on be our best when we鈥檙e busy fearing we look our worst?鈥

Kortney loves dogs, plays golf, and loves to choke men out in jiujitsu. She's been told by several mediums that all of her past lives have been lived as a man.聽She believes Jesus is rad,聽and says He doesn't mind that she's often utilising the f-word.聽


馃崏 Welcome to the Kortney Olson Experience 鈥 where empowerment meets entertainment in a smashing fusion of strength, humor, and unapologetic authenticity!

When you book a personal experience with me, you're not just getting a speaker or an MC; you're inviting a force of nature to your event. I bring a unique blend of powerhouse motivation, infectious energy, and a dash of humor that will leave your audience inspired and ready to conquer the world.

馃挭 As the creator of the revolutionary corporate watermelon smashing workshop, I don't just break barriers; I obliterate them with the sheer power of resilience and determination. Imagine your team coming together, breaking through limitations, and unleashing their full potential鈥攁ll while having a blast. My workshops aren't just about smashing watermelons; they're about smashing through self-doubt, fear, and anything else holding you back. It's an experience that will transform your team and create lasting memories.

馃帳 Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker who will leave your audience on the edge of their seats, an MC who can navigate any event with charm and charisma, or a team-building workshop that defies the ordinary, booking a personal experience with Kortney Olson is your ticket to an unforgettable journey of empowerment, laughter, and breaking through barriers. Let's turn your event into an extraordinary experience that leaves a lasting impact 鈥 because mediocrity is for watermelons, not for your team! 馃殌



馃専 Unlock Your Teen's Potential with Kortney Olson's Teen Whispering! 馃専

Are you ready to transform the challenging journey of parenting a teenager into an incredible opportunity for growth and connection? Look no further! Kortney Olson's Teen Whispering is your guide to fostering a strong, positive relationship with your teen while navigating the complexities of adolescence.

馃懇鈥嶐煈р嶐煈 Connect on a Deeper Level: Kortney Olson, renowned for her empowering approach to life, brings her unique insights and expertise to help you bridge the communication gap with your teen,聽by empowering your teen. Through proven strategies, she'll guide聽them in building trust, understanding, and open dialogue, strengthening the foundation for a lasting connection.

馃寛 Empower Your Teen: Adolescence is a crucial period of self-discovery and empowerment. Kortney's program focuses on nurturing your teen's confidence, resilience, and self-esteem, providing them with the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and determination. Watch as they blossom into resilient, empowered individuals ready to tackle the world.

馃 Create Lasting Bonds:聽 By fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding, you'll witness the transformation of your relationship into a powerful bond that will endure the tests of time.

Read Some Testimony!

馃棧锔鈥淢y girl is laughing. She is smiling. She is happy!聽She hasn't woken up like this for a long time. I can't even begin to tell you how this makes me feel. She thinks you are so crazy, funny, and probably the coolest person in the world...she said she never wanted to speak to someone聽but thanked me for reaching out. Holy shit!!! This is just amazing. Sorry, not sorry....just so pumped right now!!!聽From the bottom of my heart, with everything I am and have....thank you鈥


馃棧锔聽"After just one session with Kortney, my wife and I noticed a massive shift in Bri's ability to manage different situations with an open outlook and perception that she wouldn't have given thought too previously. In turn, Brionii has had a huge confidence boost. We could never thank Kortney enough for everything she has done for Brionii.鈥


馃棧锔聽"My 9 year old daughter got the chance to work with Kortney about some issues she was having at wrestling practice. Kortney was able to give her lots of advice & I could see an amazing boost in confidence within a matter of minutes. The very next day she was able to implement the advice & it was amazing! I've also heard her share advice with some of her BJJ teammates. Kortney definitely changed my daughter & I am so grateful she has such a strong role model!"


馃棧锔聽"Kortney met with my 8 year old daughter and within minutes, changed her life. My daughter is tall and strong, but felt out of place amongst her peers.聽 She immediately found a hero in Kortney. It boosted her self image and confidence."


馃棧锔"For most of my child's life she's been bullied. I never would have imagined she'd have the opportunity to speak to聽KO and get some of the most important words of encouragement she'll ever receive. This was an awesome experience for her. Since then, she has walked with her head held high. She's only spoken positively about herself and made it a point to befriend a girl in P.E. who is incessantly bullied. They ran the mile together.聽She said she actually looks forward to P.E. now because she is her only competition and if someone has a problem with her appearance, it has nothing to do with her. That in itself is a victory. She's even reminded me not to take things personally today. Wow! She listened. She took in every word.

I wish I could hug your neck. I truly appreciate you. You've truly touched my heart.