In just 4 sessions a week build your legacy with minimal time


Determined women are taking control of their health and fitness, re-engineering their physique, and taking themselves to a whole new level of confidence with our masterly crafted 12-week system



Who is Muscle Exchange Program (MEP) for?


If you answer “YES” to any of the questions below, then MEP is EXACTLY what you’ve been searching for:

  • Are you a driven, high achiever who wants to make a difference in the world by shattering the old stereotype of what a woman is supposed to look like, but can’t seem to be consistent with your training and nutrition?

  • Do you want to gain immediate respect from everyone you come across without having to say a word?
  • Do you want to be at the beach, board meeting, grocery store, kid pick-up or airport and feel confident in a sleeveless shirt or shorts?

  • Are you constantly riddled with fear of being judged when you’re in the gym, worrying what people are thinking of you?
  • Do you struggle with the cold-turkey approach when it comes to making change and need a gradual, effective plan?

  • Do you want the physique you used to have back in the day that you lost after you became a parent or let your career take priority? 
  • Do you stand in front of the mirror and constantly pick yourself apart, feeling like you’ll never be enough?  
  • Do you want to age with confidence, knowing that you’re setting yourself up for long term success?

  • Are you struggling with perimenopause or menopause and feel like a total yo-yo with your emotions?
  • Do you struggle with drinking, binge eating or continue to attract shitty partners in your life?
  • Do you have basic knowledge around training but lack the clarity around the scientific knowledge that will take your physique to the next level?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety and depression?
  • Do you want to make yourself appear as a hard target while out in public? Have you tried EVERYTHING you could to increase your strength, muscle tone and confidence but don’t see results quick enough and fall off the motivation train? 
  • Are you finally ready to start putting yourself first fall in love with your body, and join the movement of women who are CRUSHING the old stereotypes of what a woman should look like? 


This is an approachable, scalable method for tackling your nutrition and training without feeling overwhelmed


Swift, Strategic Elite: You have zero guesswork and a completely laid out process for you



Using our “four 2 score” method, you will spend minimal time training to build respectable, visible muscle without having to sacrifice other elements of your life. We are the anti “no pain, no gain” approach.

In just 4 sessions a week, at 45 minutes a pop, you’ll get in, get out, and get on with your life. 💪🚀

We’ve been formulating workouts for over 20 years and know how to maximise time and effort for visible results that'll keep you in love with your new lifestyle.

Phase 1 of our program is all about building consistency, checking your form in all your lifts, making sure you have our “four 2 score” method down pat, and that you see (and feel) the light at the end of the tunnel!

Phase 2 we gradually turn up the heat with your programming and gently get you ready for Phase 3 where everything changes.



Nutrition is a massive part of your success, when achieving that "**** around and find out" physique. The issue with most programs is that they’re not sustainable. Coaches throw you off the deep end and give you a rigid, boring plan to follow that seems promising at first, but over a short period of time, you feel restricted. Without an understanding as to why you’re eating the way you are, before you know it, you’ve flown off the rails.

This is why our approach kicks ass and gets results!

Phase 1 of the nutrition portion of ci12 is all about building a rock solid foundation using our KISS Nutrition Protocol. Every week for the first 4 weeks, you’ll incorporate a new nutritional habit that is basic and easy to implement. We provide you with our KISS Nutrition Protocol e-book (and optional tracking sheets) for understanding why we do what we do, constantly reminding you of the benefits.

Phase 2 we’ll assess your baseline and provide you with our recommended nutrition plan. We’re not calorie or macro counting obsessed coaches. No two people are the same and therefore, need different approaches. Some of us are highly creative over-thinkers and can’t handle tracking, whereas some of us are systems people, and love a good app to track our every meal or calorie.

What we are, however, are coaches who are here to help guide and motivate you to want to learn clean eating principles. Once you start to see your body as a Ferrari and not a Ford, everything changes. We’re here to find out what works best for you, then execute our system appropriately.

Whether you’re plant based or high protein, we’ll provide you with a plan that includes a weekly sample meal plan, shopping lists, and recipes.

Advantages Waiting For You


Hi, I'm Kortney Olson, your coach!

Growing up, I had immense body dysmorphia. I went from developing an eating disorder from the age of 11-16, straight into becoming severely addicted to methamphetamines because I wanted to have smaller legs. By the time I was 21, I was diagnosed with alcoholism and addiction, depression and anxiety, and had experienced traumatic sexual assault.

So who TF am I?

I’ll keep this section short and sweet because this isn’t about me, this moment is about YOU! But rest assured you’re in incredible care with myself and my Head Coach, Lana Chapman.

Around the world, people know me for my thigh-squeezing, watermelon-crushing talents.

“The woman with the worlds deadliest thighs”- Stan Lee
Yes baby- I’ve been training like a body builder in the gym since I was 17.

This experience from 15 years ago was the main catalyst causing me to create this program. I thought it would be enough to write a bestselling memoir, but quickly realized that a book simply wasn’t enough. I had to give women a tangible pathway to understanding the disgust when it comes to our bodies and how to overcome that with an easy to follow program to build confidence and strength.

Having big muscles has given me nothing but opportunities.


Who is MEP NOT for?

  • Men. This program has a deep emphasis on female anatomy #soznotsoz
  • Women who cannot perform a bodyweight squat
  • Women who cannot commit to 4 days a week training
  • Women who have a dedicated weight loss goal of 50 lbs or higher - this program is suitable for weight loss, but it’s not the primary focus
  • Women who don’t have access to a basic gym or have dumbbells, a barbell, resistance bands, or a swiss ball at home
The Program

What to expect after 12 weeks?

-Visibly measure an inch of muscle added to your legs
-Walk down
the street unfuckablewith
-Your confidence
will be soaring
-Ridiculously increased
-A network
of supportive, incredible women ready to ride or die
-A new Instagram bio
that says “married to the gym”
-Crushing a watermelon
between your legs; The ultimate symbol of female strength and empowerment

Join the revolution and develop a deeper purpose of what your life is meant to be here on the planet


Before & After


Frequently Asked Questions



 Although we’re here to look like a brick **** house, turning the heads of everyone we pass and making men shake in their boots, there are so many benefits beyond the appearance side for building muscle


Muscles allow you to live life to your fullest

 Whether it’s for play like dancing, running, or jumping around with your kids or grandkids, muscles allow you to perform tasks we take for granted when we’re younger, like say, taking out the trash!

With your improved muscle growth, you’re building a rock solid foundation. If and when you have a "slip” or fall in your later years, a broken hip isn’t going to take you out for another 10 years.

- Muscles burn calories. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. A higher resting metabolism means you’ll burn more calories even when you aren’t at the gym. In other words, muscles will help you maintain a healthy weight as we age.

- Bone health is a huge concern for women as we age. Adding muscles means you are protecting your bone density, helping you age gracefully with peace. You can ignore all the RX commercials advertising a wonder drug to add more bone to your life. We got all the bone we need!

- Muscles (with a combination of light cardio) can lower your risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and others. Which obviously aid in long term health!

We take our current health status for granted (even if it seems shitty right now, it can always get worse). Don’t wait until your autoimmune disease causes another one. Get on the horse and let’s build some mass!