Day 3 Gut Healing

May 23, 2024

Hi Fam

Ok... so I'm on day 3 of doing the damn thing. The first day of having no caffeine wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was traveling on day 1 and 2, but managed to find food on the road that adheared to the protocol. For example, in the morning I just ate premium beef jerky from costco in the car, then stopped at In & Out and had 3 hamburgers protein style. Took the tomato off and basically just ate a burger patty wrapped in lettuce with some onion. Then that night, found a greek spot and and just had chicken atop a bowl of lettuce. I stopped at Target and got a bunch of fruit to have for breakfast the next morning. That night, however, I got a RIPPING headache. Took an Aleave and went to bed. 

Day 2, woke up and drank peppermint tea. Then onto my fruit. From the airport, found a mexican spot and just had chicken (had to dig around the beans and rice), and ate the rest of my bag of jerky. Once I got to Las Vegas, stopped at Whole Foods with my bestie (who can and will cook me my meals for the next 10 days) and got a lot of crunchy snacks plus groceries to make into gourmet meals.

Plantain chips, cassava chips, karbob chips (in the event I'm dying of a sweet tooth, these are great. there's some sugar in them, but at this point, whatever keeps me on track), and some dried broccoli chips! 

I woke up and had some non caffeinated tea I bought last night, and really didn't bat an eyelash. Like I didn't even miss coffee. I had a beef jerky stick, a banana, an apple, and headed off to jiujitsu. Upon arriving back, my bff had made me chicken ... mmmm I don't know what you'd call it. But it was AMAZING. Maybe "white chicken chilli"? Chicken cooked in coconut cream, with spring onions, celery and cilantro with avocado on top along with some air fried sweet potato fries! This lifestyle is super easy if you can cook :)

The only thing that's kind of set me back slightly, is that I couldn't fall asleep last night. I took half a xanax then by 2:45am when I was still partially awake, said eff it, and took a whole one and slept until 8:30am. So I'm not sure what's caused me to not sleep after having had slept for a week straight at my Dad's house. Maybe there is something to that fresh air theory, having had been in Humboldt County for a week. 

Anyway- I will keep you posted as I go along. Also every meal my bff cooks, we're writing down and putting in a safe place so I can create a recipe PDF in the event this shit works! 

Tonight it's off to hot yoga for the first time in years. 

Stand by!