Not Sleeping Again- Is It Peri Menopause?

Dec 02, 2023

Hi Fam!

Thought I’d give you an update on where I’m at with my thyroid. My last blood test has proven that my thyroid is now “in balance”, with my T3, T4, and TSH all within range, but my antibodies are still incredibly high (even though they have continued to come down). I was sleeping ok before leaving Australia to come back to the USA, and even slept the first two nights I got here for 6-7 hours. But that all changed two nights ago. I picked up a RX for the low dose naltraxone and took the first pill before bed.

Then came the familiar feeling of staring up at the ceiling, unable to shut my brain off. It was like I just took a hit off a meth pipe. Oddly enough, when I got up yesterday morning, I didn’t feel horrible. In fact, I was even motivated to do my 8 minute ab video and a few other movements.

Last night I was still feeling pretty wired even at 10pm. After laying and watching a documentary series for close to two hours, I finally felt like I was starting to fall asleep around midnight. However, that didn’t last long, and sure enough I had another sleepless night. Again, after getting out of bed, I didn’t feel horrible. I looked at my Clue app which charts my cycles, and it seems I’m 11 days out from period. So at this stage, since I know that my thyroid is in balance, I have to assume that this sleeping issue is either from my cycle, and/or a side effect from the low dose naltraxone.

I have an appointment with Dr Bilstrom Monday and will report back post the appointment to let you know the outcome.