The Proof I Needed To See For The Bio Resonance

Dec 02, 2023

So yesterday I had a bunch of blood work drawn that Dr Bilstrom wanted to see. It was a heap of stuff. Although my appointment with my endocrinologist out here in Australia isn’t until Thursday next week, I got the blood work back early because I had an IVF doctor’s appointment today. Evidently all doctors throughout the country can access anyone else’s lab work and probably notes from previous doctors. I guess that’s a benefit of having a public health system!

Yes, IVF is something I’ve started thinking about, but only to freeze some embryos just in case the earth needs help repopulating after an asteroid hits or something.

After looking at my tests and not being a qualified doctor, I can at least tell that my thyroid antibodies have come down some more, yet my T4 has dropped and my TSH has increased.  All of which tell me that now I’m swinging back the other way towards being HYPO thyroid instead of HYPER, because I’m taking medication to block my thyroid. OMG lol.

I’ve been lethargic as hell, and feeling somewhat depressed. Which I think are two big characteristics of being HYPO. I’m going to cut my dose back of carbimazole from 30mg a day to 5mg and hope for the best until Thursday.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, find yourself open minded, and willing to try something totally out there, highly suggest bio resonance.