The eagle has landed

arms biceps legs Mar 01, 2018

Hey fam, I'm hitting up the Arnold Classic over the next few days 1-4 March.

Columbus Convention Center - Booth 1551.

If you're in Ohio come hollaaaaaaa and feel the love!!

Bridget Raftery I love this video, thank you!

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Awesome bicep routine

Hey hey fam!!!

Here's an awesome bicep routine.  

It's called the BICEP MATRIX.

You'll get a massive pump - it's great for building volume and size

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It's time to change the game, it's time to get massive, no more trying to...

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4 exercises to work the UPPER part of your bicep

This is a question I get asked a lot, from both men and women:

How do I work the upper part of my bicep?

There have only been a few times when I’ve actually seen myself so lean and ripped, that I could see the tendons that attach the top...

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